A peek at summer

Hi lovelies , first of all I’d personally like to thank all the new subs who have joined me at my new premises in beautiful London , I think my regular subs can honestly say and agree it’s a huge step up from Earls Court – right! So with that in mind , I will be looking forward to opening my doors (literally ) to those who fancy a bit of discrete outside play in my little court yard garden now the warmer weather is showing signs of being just around the corner. If not then we have my inside play rooms of course! I’d really be interested to hear from you with your sexy fetish fantasy ideas – I’m open minded and am never ever shocked , so send me a text message with your ideas and if I’m impressed not only will I session with you , I may even feel extremely generous and session with you for a discount. So , let’s see how imaginative you can be ! Win win.

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