MY SLAVES Account of his Session with me

From Virgin to Owned Property of Mistress Chatterley, Part 1
You may have read my earlier account of my fist whipping with Mistress Chatterley. Well I thought that how I came to that point might be of interest to those of you reading this now and contemplating your first visit to Mistress Chatterley. With her kind permission she has granted me the opportunity to share that journey from “newbie virgin” to becoming her owned slave and property. So this is the first part of a few tales from the dungeon of Mistress Chatterley, hereafter MC for brevity.
There comes a time in your life when you decide that you need to stop dreaming about a bdsm experience and take actual action, so it was that I started to research Mistresses in a reasonable travelling area from home, I looked at several websites but found myself returning to MC’s, drawn by her frankness to her approach, her staggering beauty, clothing and facilities and all within an hour of home. I sent my first e mail being cautious and really wanting to worship her thigh boots and perhaps some mild cock and ball play, but definitely no corporal punishment. MC replied the next day and with a further exchange of e mails an appointment was made for an hour the following week. Over the next few days I did become somewhat panicky, had I done the right thing? was the reality going to better or worse than my fantasy’s? Oh dear what had I done.
The day arrived and I responded to the text in the morning that I was able to keep the appointment, the text gave me a postcode and I was to call again when I reached that position- No going back now! From near her property I called and was given the exact location. I parked nearby and walked towards the house, my heart was beating hard, I felt clammy in my clothes with nerves, I knocked the door , and a beautiful blond head only appeared just at the top in response,- my she was tall but clearly very attractive, I went inside, MC was wearing a latex catsuit and long thigh boots, clearly she could see my nerves but was calming and set me at ease, I passed to her the tribute and she lead me upstairs to her dungeon playroom, I began to feel better already!
Sitting me down she just went over what I was hoping to receive from the session and what I did not want, well what it seems I didn’t want then!- all to change as events turned out. I was then told to strip everything off and this was done under her steely blue grey eyes, the watched me intently and I now felt for the first time submissive to her , I was naked in front of my mistress and feeling very vulnerable, my cock seemed to have a mind of its own and started to harden, MC took hold of it pulling it hard forcing me down onto my knees in front of her now seated on a black throne like chair. Now I knew I was going to experience Domination at the hands of a Goddess.
Pointing to her boots she pushed my head down to them, I was to lick hard so that she could feel my tongue through the leather starting at the toe and working my way to the top, it was harder than I thought and of course when I arrived at the top I could see her panties which distracted me and to encourage my worship I felt her crop on my arse for the first time, quickly I moved to the other boot and down, when this had been done to her satisfaction, now laying flat on the ground I was directed to lick the sole and heel of one boot whilst the other pushed hard against my cock. Mistress suggested that there were other things to learn, was I willing, of course now I was enchanted and agreed, and so next time in the Dungeon my training continues along that elusive path to be MC’s owned property- till next time.
Slave countryman owned by Mistress Chatterley

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