Dear Mistress Chatterley,

It was lovely to speak with you today and, as promised, here is an email
giving you some thoughts on what may happen tomorrow – as if such a
lovely lady as you needs them!!

My previous visits to you in Banbury have been so memorable and I am
sure tomorrow will be even more so as you take me even further into your
beautiful perverse and erotic world. I already feel very submissive,
even at the thought and the desire of being before you which is a need
rather than just a desire and I long to be before you, so totally
controlled, in both mind and body.

Your talents, and imagination, seem endless and I just adore the thought
of being before you, having you put me bondage, allowing you to have me
restrained and totally at your mercy. Perhaps you may even restrain me
tightly in clingfilm or plastic wrap and then restrain me even further
by binding me with your belts, tape or rope to your bondage bed. It will
feel so exciting and make me even more submissive to know that once
wrapped up, you will then secure me with your straps, making me even
more at your mercy. I was once wrapped in clingfilm by a Mistress who
also taped up my fingers and toes so that I couldn’t even wriggle them
and had to concentrate totally on the area my Mistress wanted me to
concentrate on, where she was inflicting her various treatments and

As well as lots of restraint I also love cbt and adore the thought of
you having me all tied up and then inflicting lots of various treatments
on me as you look so deeply in my eyes. I love such things as hot wax,
pin wheels, sounds, genital bondage to name a few. I am sure you have
your very own unique and special treatments Mistress Chatterley. I love
the thought of you having me so excited and hard and then perhaps just
holding my cock and pouring hot wax all over it, combining both pain and
pleasure. I have also experienced anal play and would love you to gently
probe and invade me, perhaps massaging my prostate, but prefering the
more gentle erotic invasions, slowly being invaded and stretched. I am
not a great fan of CP but I am sure such an experienced Lady as yourself
has many ingenious ways of inflicting pain and discomfort.

Last time you also indulged in watersports and it was such an honour of
drinking your wonderful warm liquid that had come from so deep inside
you. I loved being restrained, having you so close to me, making me
watch your golden liquid flow from within you into a container and then
slowly being fed it throughout the session. It was so wonderful and
hopefully you will do similar tomorrow Mistress Chatterley. Perhaps you
might even tape a pair of your worn panties across my nose, forcing me
to inhale your beautiful scents, making me even more addicted to you.
There are so many aspects of your website and your interests that excite
me Mistress Chatterley, including things such as bondage, restraints,
masks, face sitting, CBT, electrics, anal play, violet wand, enforced
feminisation, mummification, cling film, medical aspects and
watersports, to name but a few. Your website mentions feminisation
Mistress Chatterley and perhaps you will instruct me to wear a pair of
stockings under my trousers on my way to you, making me feel very
submissive even before I arrive. I am sure you will use this to your
advantage, making my need grow even stronger. Please may I ask that you
wear a pair of beautiful sheer stockings Mistress Chatterley as you have
such wonderful legs and it will be so wonderful to see them in all their

In addition to the physical aspects I simply adore the psychological
side of being controlled in mind as well as body and I am sure that an
experienced and capable Lady such as yourself could and will have me
feeling so desperate and wanting. I know you will agree that domination
begins in the mind and providing somebody can open up and allow somebody
in, and there is the mutual trust and respect, then the possibilities
are endless. I so love the thought of being taken so very deep into your
beautiful world Mistress Chatterley and this is the level that I would
so love you to take me to, taking me to where I only want to belong to
you, to be controlled totally, in both mind and body, having me begging
so desperately for your treatments. I would love you to restrain
me,telling me how you are going to have me tied down, unable to move so
that I am completely yours and that you can and will do whatever you
want with me, telling me how you are going to invade me, probe me, prod
me and inflict so many beautiful perverse treatments on me, taking me so
very deep into your beautiful world. Hopefully you will also make me
look into your eyes as you tell me this, seeing how much I want to
submit to you and give to you. Perhaps you might even stand close to me
and make me watch you put on some beautiful lipstick and then put the
same lipstick on me, making me taste its creaminess, especially after it
had just touched your beautiful lips. Or perhaps you would make me open
my mouth and slowly dribble your saliva in me, making me taste you. Oh
yes please Mistress Chatterley. You did this last time and also kissed
me which just had me wanting you more and more. I know you will easily
take me so deep, directing my thoughts exactly where you want them to
go, making me want to submit and offer myself even more. We also spoke
briefly about amyl Mistress Chatterley and you informed me that you do
use it. This is another area that interests me because I know that
forcing me to inhale it will make me want to submit even more. Even sat
here wondering how you would administer it is very exciting Mistress
Chatterley . I so love the thought that you can, and hopefully will, be
controlling me in so many ways, and everything about my body – what I
see, what I feel and where, be it pleasure or erotic pain, what I hear
as you whisper into my ear, what my body touches or feels, what I am
forced to inhale or breath, what goes into my various orifices, my mouth
and more intimate parts, and what comes out and yet I will have no
control or say but just be your willing victim and give to you as you
give and take from me. Perhaps you may force me to inhale your amyl as
you stand very close to me, forcing me to look into your beautiful eyes
as it takes effect, seeing just how much I want to submit and belong to
you and me seeing how much you control me.

Mistress Chatterley I think we both know already how much you will be
able to manipulate me with just a gentle whisper or a soft touch,
looking very deeply into my eyes, whispering things in my ear which will
take me to where my desires are, where you want me to be, getting
totally inside my mind, making me belong so totally to you. I am sure
that you could push and control me to the point where I would do almost
anything you ask of me. I have read articles by numerous Mistresses who
say that getting into a slave’s mind is essential for full control and
that giving him a good “mind fuck” (please excuse the language but on
this occasion it seems so suitable) is one of the most important tricks
of the trade. I love being so erotically excited and then the wonderful
combination of pleasure and pain and being taken to the limit where I do
not know where one starts and the other one ends. Please do this too
Mistress Chatterley, keeping my mind so “fucked up” and desperate for
you and for so very much more, I beg you.

Mistress Chatterley, I hope this email gives you even more of an idea of
what I love and adore about the wonderful world of BDSM and hopefully
given you lots of ideas of how you will control me on when I am before
you tomorrow. One thing I am certain of is that I know you will control
me and I am sure you will have me so desperate to receive your
attentions. The more I look at your pictures and read your words, the
more I long to be before you and to be taken so deeply into your
beautiful web, to experience your wonderful cocktail of pleasure and
pain, and being taken to the extent where I am not begging you to stop,
but begging you for more, in order to receive both the pain and
pleasure. Please do all of this and so much more Mistress Chatterley. I
beg you.

Warmest regards

Paul x

PS. Please may I ask you to confirm that you received this email for
which I would love to hear your thoughts and also if you have any other
instructions. Thank you once again. x