Had a visit on Monday  from one of my devoted admirers, at least he had the wit to bring a present for me but if he thought that was going to make life easy it was time to think again. I soon had him naked and under control with a collar and lead. Forcing the helpless  fool to the ground . it was walkies time but he was enjoying himself a bit to much admiring my long latex clad legs and ass. Time to spread eagle him over the floor and show some real discipline .  I loved the noises I made as I went through my range of whips and canes , such music to my ears.

Having got my slave  to sit and walk  it was time to teach him to heal and I mean worship my new heels. He made a pathetic effort  so  I took pleasure to crush him between my thighs. All that was left was to teach him to beg, having him crushed lying on the floor under my heels gave him the view he desired but could never have, this is the power and control I love. His useless cock was hard and for my amusement I made him cum over the floor in front of me , ensuring he cleaned it up with his pathetic drooling tongue!