My sub arrived at Bond Street tube awaiting direction to my chambers which is just a few mins away , whilst he was on route I received a call from a new client who had tried to make a booking with me for some months without success due to me being busy. We chatted briefly and I explained I could not see him as I had a client on route but said if he wanted to join us he was welcome to but it was on condition he would obey my every command. The caller was so keen and decided to come  as he was only minutes away from my chambers .  Client no 1 arrived first, I didn’t tell him about the surprise , but quickly , undressed him and tied him to my pegging machine . My door bell rang , client no2 arrived, a young blonde lad around 25 yrs old with a very pretty face. He was shaking but smiling and was very respectful. I reassured him he was in a safe environment and he could leave at any point. He clearly wanted to stay , I put my hand on his crutch  , he was rock hard so I commanded him to undress , and join us in the other room. Client no 1 by this time knew a visitor had arrived, and I reassured him he would enjoy the surprise and would not be disappointed. I introduced the young sub to my client by instructing him to play with my clients cock , he was on all fours , my clients Arse  in his face , very unorthodox method of introduction I know , but both subs cocks were so hard and very aroused I could not resist.  I released client  no1 from the pegging machine and made him lay on the floor facing upward inbetween the legs of the young lad and ordered him to lick and suck his innocent balls while the young lad was buried between my legs inhaling all my womanly aromas. I was so aroused , so pleased that two strangers were having so much  fun , I decided they had no option but to arouse me further and boy oh boy did they ! Spontaneous sessions are just the best ….. Thanks Guys you made my day xx